23.2mm x 8.0mm winged channel aluminium and clip in opal lens.


A shallow depth profile designed to sit flush with the surface with the wings covering any unevenness in the cutting of the slot. When used with RS16 ribbon strip and frosted lens it makes an ideal alternative to fluorescent battens in garages. Available in 2.5m lengths


Ordering Codes:

Opal lens: RSA-7-CH&L-O

Frosted lens: RSA-7-CH&L-F

Lens TypePrice
RSA-7-CH&L-O 12.2mm x 8.0mm winged channel Opal lens$13.95 excl GST
RSA-7-CH&L-F 12.2mm x 8.0mm winged channel Frosted lens$13.95 excl GST
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RSA-7 Spec Sheet