Whangarei Art Museum

Whangarei Art Museum https://whangareiartmuseum.co.nz/ hosts an array of art collections of diverse media year-round, with a focus on contemporary and heritage works.

When their existing halogen lights were coming to the end of their lifespan we were approached by the museum curator to explore the available options. After discussing their needs in detail Murray Baker was able to design a specialised solution – the Gallery Track Spotlight. This product has now been added to our range and is listed in our brochure.

The new gallery track spotlight is dimmable with a built-in memory function, allowing the gallery to vary the lux level between 50 and 200 lux for differing displays. The warm white LEDs have a 50,000 hour lamp life. The beam angle is adjustable between 11° and 60°, and the fitting can be tilted up to 90°. LED lighting generates very little heat which removes the potential of the light fitting to degrade the art works.

The 20W gallery track spotlight meets or exceeds all Australian and New Zealand electrical standards and has a commercial warranty for 3 years. The fitting is designed to fit most commercial spotlight track systems. It operates on 240V AC, and is surge protected to 260V.

This fitting not only offered Whangarei Art Museum a longer lifespan and power savings when compared to their existing halogen fittings, it also transformed the art viewing experience. The mood these lights creates allows the artworks to take centre stage, rather than the lighting taking away from the viewing experience.

As you can see in these photos, our gallery track spot transforms the art viewing experience to show off the artworks, putting the focus on the art.

If you have a similar project consider using our gallery track lights. They deliver professional lighting capable of transforming how displays look, and save money and power over the course of their impressive lifespan.