240 Volt, 50 Watt Single Colour Floodlight

240 Volt AC 50 Watt IP65. Polycarbonate body, treated aluminium cooling fins, s/steel screws, powder coated treated iron bracket, tempered glass. 120° beam angle. LED Life-span: 30,000 hours. Warranty: 2 Years. Available in Warm White, Natural White, White and UV Blacklight. Red, Green, and Blue available to order.

SQF-1-240-50-WW Warm White LED$171.00 excl GST
SQF-1-240-50-NW Natural White LED$171.00 excl GST
SQF-1-240-50-W White LED$171.00 excl GST
SQF-1-240-50-BLK UV Blacklight LED$171.00 excl GST
SQF-1-240-50-R Red LED available to order$171.00 excl GST
SQF-1-240-50-G Green LED available to order$171.00 excl GST
SQF-1-240-50-B Blue LED available to order$171.00 excl GST
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SQF-1-240-50 Spec Sheet