RS12WP-12 Single Colour IP65 14 Watts per metre

12V DC, IP65, 14.4 Watts per metre.


Flexible Ultra High Output solid jacketed water proof LED strip with 3M self adhesive tape on the back. It can be supplied in a 5 metre roll length, or can be supplied in lengths made to your particular requirements. Like all Specialised LED Products LED ribbon strips, Series 12 Ultra High can be dimmed using PWM dimmers supplied by Specialised LED Products. Series 12 Ultra High is one of the brightest of the Specialised LED Products range and can be used in wet and dry areas and can be joined to a maximum length of 6metres. The illumination is enough to light surfaces well up to 1400mm away, with other general lighting in the area or up to a 2.3 metres away if it is the only form of lighting. It can be used to illuminate bench work tops that need regular cleaning and areas that can be easily touched indoors and outdoors.


Avaliable in Warm White, Natural White and White. Red, Green and Blue are non stock items but are also available to order in.


Ordering Codes:

Warm White: RS12WP-12-WW

Natural White: RS12WP-12-NW

White: RS12WP-12-W

Red: RS12WP-12-R

Green: RS12WP-12-G

Blue: RS12WP-12-B

Download Spec Sheet or Instructions

RS12WP-12 Single Colour Spec Sheet