To ensure IP67 rating, all Neon strip is factory made to order. Lead times are approx 3 weeks.

The Maximum continuous length is 7 metres.


Single Colour:

24 Volt, 16mm x 16mm, 16 Watts per metre, silicone flexible Strip.

Available in Warm White, Natural White, White, Red, Green and Blue.



24 Volt, 16mm x 16mm, 18 Watts per metre, Digital Silicone flexible Strip.

Digital Neon strip is only for use with Digital Control Gear. Contact sales@sled.co.nz before ordering.



24 Volt, 19mm x 18mm, 18 Watts per metre, RGBW Neon flexible strip.

RGBW Neon strip is only for use with Smart Home or Synergy Series Control Gear.


Ordering Codes:


Single Colour:

Warm White: NS-24-14-WW

Natural White: NS-24-14-NW

White: NS-24-14-W

Red: NS-24-14-R

Green: NS-24-14-G

Blue: NS-24-14-B


Digital Strip:



RGBW Strip:


Single Colour$64.87 excl GST
Digital$89.95 excl GST
RGBW$79.95 excl GST
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Download Spec Sheet or Instructions

NS-24-14 Spec Sheet


NS-24-14-DIG Spec Sheet